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Investment Casting

Our Investment castings, a formed quality assurance program with ISO9001—2000 Certification insure that the finished products meet the customer's specifications, ranging in capacity from ounces to 330 lbs. We established and sustained a successful business by developing in supplying our customers base high quality products, delivered on time to an acceptable price level.

Available Material:

We strictly comply with metallic element content standard from U.S .A, Germany, UK, ect. Such as ASTM A494-00 and ASTM A890-97 ect and we offer specific inspection report of element of products for customers.

Today Die Casting Shop

Capacity alu 4gr to 3kg

Capacity Zinc 4gr to 9kg

CAD Toolrooms - CNC, EDM

CAD Software - Solidworks

Surface finishing: powder coating, polishing,variation in barrel to make it shine,anodize,are all available.

Today Plastic Shop

Many thermoplastic materials, including PMMA (acrylic),PC and nylon, polypropylene, HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), polycarbonate, and POM and ABS and PA66,etc.

Today Precision CNC Machining Shop

Process Description

Investment casting part,Die casting,sand casting and forging ect all valid.


Materials especial in stainless steel ,aluminum, brass, bronze, and carbon steel and all kinds of plastic part

Today Weldment & Stamping Shop

All grades of materials from the traditional cold rolled and hot rolled steels to galvanized plate steels, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.